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February 08, 2006



$500.00 is what I pay each month, there are a few months I get behind. Since my divorce both of us have moved on. I am married with 2 children and she re-married and had a another child. With medical bills and unexpected debts that come up every so often I would lose my licience at least a couple of times a year with a bill like this. I've always pay my child support, and will continue to do so. This bill would cause even more of a problem as far as taking care of my children. This bill is unfair for the decent men who are trying to survive and be a good father.


Tina Thomas

I totally agree with the comment about it needs to be fixed both ways. My boyfriend has two boys he doesn't get to see due to the ex. It affects my boyfriend everyday. He has to pay $466 a month for those boys. Therefore it is hard on us to get attorneys to fight for visistation. Me on the other hand, I have two children whose fathers keep changing jobs due to the childsupport order. If SRS finds them they will quit and move to a different job. I have finally gave up all hope into collecting childsupport. We can fight and fight to get it, but the odds are not in out favor. Granted the fathers who are suppose to pay chooses not to see the children. The want to sign their rights over and not deal with the responsibilities. To me that is the easy way out. Sooner or later the person who is suppose to be paying will get a rude awakening by these children that really one have one parent.

Niel Leon

In principal I can agree that better action and reasonable sanctions need to be taken against non-custodial parents who do not pay appropriate and reasonable child support, but there are two sides to this situation.

If more signifant sanctions are to be applied to parents who do not pay child support as ordered by the courts, then there should also be more serious sanctions against those parents who restrict or prevent court visitation in violation with court ordered guidelines.

My childern have all reached the age of majority and child support is not longer required. When child support was due I was never late on a payment (total of 15 years) and only had arrears when payments due went up retroactively as the result in changing jobs and salary increases.

Unfortunately I was isolated from my childern for over 8 years because my exwife had moved to a different state and the visitation order was not honored.

There was little I could do except pay for lawyers to fight again in court to get a visitation order reinstated in the new state. Finances prevented me from doing this and could have adversely affected my ability to pay child support.

To be fair this issue must cut both ways. We can not simply be punative against parents who do not pay.

Niel Leon

PS: I now have contact with all my children. I hope to have a good long term releationship with them now that they are adults.

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