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February 08, 2006


Child Custody

Do not overlook the fact that the attorney must be familiar to family law with experience of handling few cases. The law can create hurdles with numerous issues that you may come across while your case is running in the court. And at this time only an expert lawyer who has the exact knowledge can fend you. Another significant aspect is your comfort level with your lawyer. You must be easy in talking about your personal matters with your divorce lawyer. If you have children, they might suffer the most in the...


my soon to be 12 yr old son (the other will be turning 11)tells me all the time that he wants to live with me......what is the best age for a child to talk with the judge about his wishes?

I lost my two boys on stability. I have worked at same job for 3 yrs, married over a yr and own a house for almost a yr. Will that be satbility enough? The boys had good grades and missed maybe 1 day of school while in my care. I had them until 2 yrs ago.

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