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May 08, 2005


L. Stephens

My children, and myself are victims of Parental Alienation, including but not limited to false allegations (PROVEN to be false and she was almost arrested for making them) of sexual abuse. I think that courts in all states should punish the parents practicing such horrid behavior. I am one of the lucky ones. After four years of my ex denying my parenting time with the kids, I won in court, and the contempt against her was upheld by the Ohio Fifth District Appeals Court. But it sure hasn't stopped her behavior even though I now am seeing the kids, and we have filed two more contempts against her. It is just a shame that when a divorce happens some people have to use the children as pawns for their own sick games. I feel deeply for all the kids out there still suffering at the hands of an alienating parent, male or female. I am not in your state, but wanted you to know that this is a REAL AND WORLDWIDE PROBLEM!! Thank you.

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