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April 18, 2005


Heather Page

The only problem with Kansas judges are that they are, like so many, PRO MOM. Judges need to start looking more at the dads now days and see that bio moms are just wanting custody for the child support, not because they want the kids. Good Dads who pay their child support, who DO want to see their kids, don't get the fair amount of visitation time OR ask for it, get denied by the bio mom, the dad takes the bio mom back to court for more with alllll this documentation of him asking her for more but is STILL denied by the judge saying "the child is not use to it, it's not in his/her best interst." Whatever!!!! Give it a chance. Children are more resilient than judges give them credit for!!! Unless these dads are abusing the kids, it should be 50/50 custody if possible (long distance IS NOT possible). I'm tired of dealing with the bio mom we have to deal with, her not letting my husband see his daughter cuz of "that's what the papers say" and the judge not doing anything about it. It's a crock.

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