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March 12, 2005


Dachael Houston


I have a question. I have an 11 day old daughter. Her father and I were never married, so she was conceived and born out of wedlock. The paternal grandmother, the mother of my childs father, is threatening me with trying to get grandparents rights to see the baby. Her and I have never had a relationship, and she treated me very badly throughout the entire pregnancy. The father wasn't there for me, we never spoke, and he's only seen her a few times since she was born, and that was only because I called and asked him if he wanted to see her since I was in town. I have turned this grandparent in for abuse to her youngest son, and I've seen how she treats all her children. I do not feel it's in the best interest for my child to be around her. The grandmother has seen the baby twice, and that was only to keep the peace. I really need some help, if you could shed some light on my situation. The father's name is not on her birth certificate, the baby has my lastname, no dna test has been taken (and I want it that way) and I'm not demanding child support from the father. I'm scared for my child because I know what this woman is capable of, I've witnessed it. I would like for the father to be involved, but he doesn't act very concerned with whether he is or not. Please reply back to me asap. I'd really appreciate at it. Thank you, Dachael

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