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February 25, 2005


Ronna Crosby

When my grandson was born and the sound acknowledgement of my grandson was not' my daughters boyfriends at the time of birth, he and his mormon family demanded that he be the one as father on the birth certificate in order to keep people from talking and up hold respect to the church, the boyfriend signed the birth certificate with out my daughters knowledge with his parents present and not me, yet left the birth room and went else where and I was left with out knowledge as well and the hosiptal never giving my daughter the right to say yea or nay they just did it.
This was a on going argument with the family and myself as well but my daughter was truly convinced by the massive visits from members of the mormon church as well as the boyfriends family that she was doing the right thing and so on and so on.
Now 4 years later they divorce and the judge awarded the children to in which they had a girl a year later, but the none biological father was awarded custody. Even though he knew he the biological father was, and he went to this man and stated that he wanted him to stand up as father and did not want the responsibilty of a child that was not biologically his and the father then entered into the court acknowledgement after a paternity test was done and found to be his that he wanted his rights of a father up held.
the judge gave 8 hours a month! supervised at that. Then found that because my daughter allowed such to happen, knowing all parties involved awarded the non-biological father custody of both children and out right denied all that was presented to the court in her defense.
Allowing only statements for this judge to base his actions on, even if it was one statement a portion of the actions taken against my daughter that he based his actions on still none the less was unlawful.
It is to be all' people rights. It is to be that you have the fair trial. It is to be that the judge up hoolds the law and not as he see's fit.
How sad all this is because the bases of family court is to be FOR THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD.
If you would like any of these court records please feel free to ask me I will email you a copy.
Ronna Crosby

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